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“proud of our independence”

Our Company

NET Engineering is among the most important ‘pure engineering’ independent companies in Italy.

We are an highly specialized engineering company. We are part of NET Engineering International, a multinational private and independent group operating for the past 40 years in Europe, with significant international experience.

We stand out mainly in Infrastructure Engineering, with core competencies in the Mobility sector, but we are also complementarily active in the Water and Environment sectors.
We offer highly-qualified and referenced design and technical consultancy with the aim of providing our customers with the best solutions in order to address and solve their problems.

Throughout the years we have continued to believe and invest in research and development, thanks to which we have kept innovating and offering intelligent and ingenious solutions to complex problems.


To provide people and community with excellence in consulting, design and project management of infrastructures for the environment, the territory and the mobility sector,
with the aim of creating value for customers and stakeholders
adopting a “lean, smart and green” approach.


The quality of the NET Engineering’s design process is also due to the rigor of its corporate values.


We are proud of our independence, that allows us to maintain a high level of professionalism.


We steadfastly believe in honesty as the only way to maintain our credibility and integrity.


we think, plan and act responsibly and proactively, focusing on individual and collective human, social and environmental needs alike.


We respect those we work with or for, as well as other stakeholders.


We strive to achieve excellence in all that we do.

Code of Ethics

We are keen to apply a Code of Ethics that demonstrates the Group’s ethical and social values and responsibilities with regard to our employees, customers, shareholders, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, institutions and the market in general.

The principles expressed by this Code of Ethics also constitute a mutual advantage for all parties involved, from whom similar ethical conduct is expected.

Our rules of conduct are inspired by honesty, loyalty towards all stakeholders, the safeguarding of our personnel and the protection of our companies, the environment and the public at large.

(File Code-of-ethics_EN.pdf – dimensions 240 kB)



Quality certification

NET Engineering is an engineering company where people, processes and technology resources are organized, updated and strengthened to ensure the effectiveness of the proposed solutions.

The specialization of company resources and partnerships with University ensure a high standard of quality in the assessment and resolution of even the most complex problems. The Management System of NET Engineering is certified according to ISO 9001 for 20 years.