The transport infrastructures in Italy

the insights by NET Lab: the originality of an independent and rigorous approach to the issues of the country infrastructures framework

The Chairman of NET Engineering International SpA, Giovanni Battista Furlan, gave a speech on June 30 at the University of Naples Federico II at the presentation of the book of Ennio Cascetta and Francesca Pagliara entitled “The transport infrastructures in Italy.

«I am proud of the contribution of ideas and proposals that NET Lab, the  Research and Development Center of the NET Group, gave to the scientific supervision of this book – debuted Furlan -. In these pages I can recognize the originality of our independent and rigorous approach thorugh which, together with Professor Cascetta and other researchers, we have dealt with topics and scenarios that seemed inevitable for  our country. Unfortunately, Italy is still unable to face in an effective and modern way the infrastructures’ knot».

«Nevertheless, even if slowly and with great difficulty, the themes and proposals that we were developing within NET Lab seem to make their way not only in the academic world but also in the political and institutional debate – continued Furlan – For example, I’ve found some encouraging signs of openness in the setting given to fund transfers for public transport by the Commissioner for spending review. And it seems we can glimpse a similar approach in the draft law on the new procurement reform recently approved by the Senate».

«Just to stick to the theme of transport infrastructure, I’d like to remember the insights that we have performed on lean design together with Professor Cascetta: cost containment, flexibility and dynamism of the project, which creates value for users and the community. And yet, the thinking about the centrality of the feasibility study, about the importance of having greater certainty of time and resources, about consensus building in infrastructure choices, and about the concepts of beauty, functionality and durability of the works …»

«La mia società, – ha concluso l’ingegner Furlan – attraverso il suo Centro di ricerca, proseguirà nell’approfondimento e nella divulgazione di questi temi, lieta di aver trovato oggi nel Rettore di questa prestigiosa Università, professor Gaetano Manfredi, e nel direttore del Mattino di Napoli, Alessandro Barbano, due preziosi e autorevoli alleati».

«My company, – concluded Furlan – through its R&D center, will continue to deepen and disseminate these topics. We are pleased to have found today in this prestigious University two valuable and influential allies such as the Rector, Professor Gaetano Manfredi, and director of the newspaper “Il Mattino”, Alessandro Barbano».

July 1st, 2015