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Technical support to the marketing decisions of NTV

A big challenge: to support the launch of the first high-speed rail service in Europe run by a private operator

A group of companies led by NET Engineering, an eminent client (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori – NTV) and a big challenge: to support the launch of the first high-speed rail service in Europe run by a private operator.

The result was the creation of a Decision Support System for demand forecasting and rail services planning developed by NET Engineering in collaboration with TSC Transportation System Consulting SrL and Gruppo Clas srl.

NTV took the decision to face such a challenge with huge investments. Therefore, to start High Speed services in competition with Trenitalia they needed “a careful prior analysis of the market, the estimation of the potential travel demand interested in the services offered, the design of the railway services (lines, frequency, price, etc.), the forecast of the future demand growth in a variable socio-economic framework and the resulting economic evaluations.

So, the experience of a professional team of transport planning experts allowed to develop “ex novo” the Decision Support System (DSS), within the methodological approach of system engineering, aimed to carry out the feasibility analysis and the assessment of alternative scenarios for operational models and pricing structure.

The “Scienza e Tecnica” (Science and Technics) section of the Italian publication “Ingegneria Ferroviaria” (March, 2015) deals extensively with this important project and the main methodological details, with a substantial article by Roberto Dall’Alba and Vito Velardi (NET Engineering); a short excerpt is available at following link.

April 30th, 2015


Forecast of passengers demand on HS rail services: a system of models
excerpt from the articolo on “Ingegneria Ferroviaria” n.3, marzo 2015
(.pdf format – size 976 kB)

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