Road Safety and mobility survey for Basilicata region

supporting the process of optimization of road safety within a southern Italian region

In accordance with the guidelines of the Piano Nazionale della Sicurezza Stradale (Road Safety National Plan), the Regione Basilicata has in mind to realize a Monitoring Centre at regional level that would allow to:

  • complete knowledge, data and information about road accidents;
  • strengthen policies and strategic actions towards an improvement in road safety;
  • support the development of a systematic process of improvement in road safety.

Within this framework, NET Engineering is working together with SITECO Informatica beside the Regione Basilicata to build an integrated system for the collection of road accident data and their georeferentiation, and to implement a wide mobility survey on public and private transport networks, with the aim to make a correct evaluation of risk factors.

The final objective of the activity is to provide a framework able to support:

  • a survey of road safety, the data collection and monitoring of accidents;
  • the development of the multidiscipilinary analysis of road accidents and the identification of the risk factors;
  • the specification and the evaluation of actions against road accident phenomenon according to a priority of intervention based also on mobility indices

The mobility survey has the objectives to support the systematic process of improvement in road safety and to provide the assessment of current mobility framework at regional level, in order to facilitate future planning processes and policies about road infrastructures and optimization of road and public transport network.

September 30th, 2015