Higher and higher in the ENR TOP 225

the NET Engineering International group among the world leading engineering firms in 2019, according to the ENR magazine

Gaining 14 positions compared to 2018, the NET group once again moves up in “TOP 225 International Design Firms” list and ranks 141th among the leading engineering companies all over the world.

NET Engineering International SpA is one of the top 6 Italian engineering companies present in the prestigious yearly ranking, published by ENR, an authoritative engineering and construction magazine, which issues studies, analyses and market researches about the engineering world trends.

The encouraging result of NET is the product of the courageous strategy of the group, increasingly oriented to international markets and to research & development in the field of innovative and avant-garde services. A result that is also a confirmation of success in the growth and consolidation of the group, undertaken last year in the German market with the acquisition (beside Spiekermann GmbH) of seecon Ingenieure GmbH, an engineering company active in the fields of new energy and digital technologies, as well as urban and environmental planning and strongly oriented towards sustainability issues.

The NET group, with its 385 FTEs, about 40M€ turnover and completed and ongoing projects in more than 50 countries (see box below), thus reinforces its international standing, being increasingly recognised as a leader in the European market for pure engineering services and infrastructures for mobility and the territory.


NET Engineering International S.p.A., total staff 385 FTEs, 40 M € turnover 2018, is an independent engineering group of companies with more than 50 years of consolidated experience in the technical management of large sustainable infrastructure projects in the field of transport and mobility.

It has a presence through its controlled engineering companies in Italy, with NET ENGINEERING S.p.A., Germany, with SPIEKERMANN GmbH and SEECON Ingenieure GmbH; Bulgaria, with NET ENGINEERING EOOD and engiNET EOOD; Argentina, with NET Engineering International Argentina; Azerbaijan, with a project office in Baku; Serbia, with a branch office to be opened shortly.

NET’s multi-disciplinary “lean, smart and green”approach to infrastructure planning and design covers all the project lifecycle from concept to Project Management Consultancy including: pre-feasibility and feasibility analysis, technical assessment and design, Traffic & Transport planning, Economic /financial evaluations and investments prioritisation; Rolling stock procurement, testing, commissioning & homologation, Project implementation and procurement strategy; support in investment appraisal and in tender documents preparation; EU Projects (TEN-T, INTERREG, IEE, LIFE); Institutional Capacity building and training of clients’ professional staff. In particular in the following transport sub-sectors:

  • ROADS, motorways and highways;
  • HEAVY and LIGHT RAILWAY infrastructures, and ROLLING STOCK;
  • URBAN MOBILITY smart solutions;


NET has always been pioneering new technologies and innovative solutions coming from its R&D activities, among which the application of:

  • Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology for linear infrastructures.
  • Envision™ protocol with 9 accredited ISI professionals among its staff and, since 2016, application in specific transport projects;
  • Life Cycle Assessment approach in infrastructures projects;
  • Dynamic surveys with Mobile Mapping System technology, LIDAR (Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging);
  • Smart Road® (NET LAB), all-round road management system, applicable to both new and existing roads based on the integration of key Intelligent Transport System (ITS) applications.


NET has successfully completed and ongoing projects in Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, India, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Moldova, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Serbia , United Kingdom and Vietnam and has implemented several projects financed by the World Bank and the European Commission.

NET Engineering International S.p.A has a track record of successful completion of more than 1.500 infrastructure projects incl. 1.400 km of urban and regional transport networks, more than 570 bridges and viaducts, about 2.100 km of motorways and roads, 6.800 km of railways, more than 80 new trains, 210 airports.

July 30th, 2019