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“four underground tunnels overlapping each other”



Turin, (Italy)

Implementation period

1994 – 2000

Values of works

 545 € Mln


Italferr Spa

Services provided

Project management
Detailed Design
Construction Design of railway and road infrastructure, stations, urban planning


Starting from the end of the ’70s the city of Torino has been dealing with deep analyses regarding urban planning. In particular the railway infrastructure physically divided the city in two separate areas.

The ambitious project of Italian Railway Network aims at solving the separation caused by the railway line by creating an underground bypass between Lingotto, in the South, and Stura, in the North. The bypass includes four underground levels of traffic flow and will become the main axis for the city transport network.

NET Engineering developed the detailed and construction design of the Northern section of the bypass, from the new station of Porta Susa to the junction of Corso Grosseto. The activities included the design of:

  • two parallel artificial tunnels for a total length of 4,5 km;
  • an underground intersection on two levels between the railway tunnels and the subway;
  • the new underground stations of Porta Susa and Rebaudengo;
  • the stations of Dora and Stura;
  • the boulevard at urban level, all along the extension of the backfilling intervention (4,5 km);
  • two sewage canals having a length of 2,3 km;
  • the new bridge having over the Dora Riparia river, three spans, with a total length of 42 meters;
  • a road junction between Corso Grosseto and the interchange for the Caselle Airport;
  • the re-qualification of the urban areas.
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