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“the new railway station for the Mestre-Venice hospital”



Venice (Italy)

Implementation period

2004 – 2008

Value of works

8 € Mln


Veneto Region

Services provided

Preliminary, Detailed and Construction Design
Construction Supervision and Safety Coordination during construction
Tender documents


Within the framework of the Veneto Regional Metropolitan Railway System (S.F.M.R.) project, the station of Terraglio is meant to serve the new Mestre Hospital in Venice area. In accordance with the aim of the SFMR system, for which the railway/road inter-modality is the keystone of the regional transport, the main objective of the project is to create a multimodal interchange among pedestrians, bicycles, cars, buses and trains. The station also connects two urban areas separated by the railway.

The architectural concept is inspired by the surrounding landscape made of artificial hills and by the need to reduce the acoustic pollution of the railway. The various station facilities are located beneath a series of “shellshaped” roofs which mark and accentuate the position of the various
station components.

There are three arched spans. The smallest one only contains the two platforms; the intermediate one contains, in addition to the platforms, also the ramps leading to the underpass; the broadest one extends up to the urban street and also contains the stops for public buses. The widest arched span is supported in the middle by “tree-shaped” pillars.

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