“the upgrading of the Bulgarian railways to meet the challenges of the EU”

Modernization of the Sofia-Pernik-Radomir railway line



Implementation period

2015 – 2021


National Railway Infrastructure Company (NRIC)

Services provided

Technical Design for modernization of the rail section
Elaboration of Detailed Zoning Plan


The railway section Sofia – Pernik – Radomir is part of the European Corridor IV and of one of the major national transport axes, the Vidin – Sofia – Kulata railway line. The implementation of this railway line, part of the TINA network, is included in the list of priority projects for Trans-European rail network until 2020. Modernization of the railway line Sofia – Pernik – Radomir, as part of the railway line Vidin – Sofia – Kulata, will provide the necessary capacity and enable the provision of railway services that meet the requirements for the TEN-T network.

The project is also part of a bigger investment Program which includes the implementation of Sofia – Dragoman railway section, Sofia and Burgas railway junctions and provided by the European Commission under ISPA on Financial Memorandum № 2006/BG/16/P/PA/002 – “Technical assistance for modernization of the Trans-European railway network in Bulgaria” and Financial Memorandum № 2005/BG / 16/P/PA/004 – “Technical assistance for rehabilitation of railway sections of the railway line Plovdiv – Burgas and Mezdra – Gorna Oriahovitsa”.

The aim of these investment projects is building a competitive railway infrastructure in Bulgaria to meet the challenges of the EU for development of a comprehensive trans-European transport infrastructure including railway transport, inland waterways, road, sea and air transport. ensure the proper functioning of the internal market and strengthening economic and social cohesion.

The aim of the Client for the next planning period 2014-2020 is to obtain complete interoperable routes that will help to attract more international cargo and develop of international passenger rail transport in the Republic of Bulgaria.

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