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“the most important lot of a principal road infrastructure in Sardinia”

Enlargement to four lanes of the National road SS 597 Sassari – Olbia, lot 7


Sardinia, Italy

Implementation period

2013 – 2018


103 M€




Construction design & Technical assistance during construction


The widening to 4 lanes of National road no. 597 “Sassari-Olbia” represents a very important upgrading intervention of an infrastructure that is strategic for the development and growth prospects of the island. The Sassari-Olbia road is the main connection between the west and east coasts in northern Sardinia and is actually carrying traffic volumes that are too heavy for the current road section with extremely critical safety conditions.

The works developed by NET involved lot 7, between kilometers 61+450 and 68+600, for a total extension of more than 7 km, with the construction of important structural elements (6 bridges and viaducts, 2 flyovers, 1 bridge over the railway).

The main goal of the project was to improve the safety conditions of the existing road, even with measures for controlling speed and reducing intervention times in case of accidents, and to optimize integration of the new infrastructure with the secondary network by adapting junctions and intersections.

The project includes the use of ITS technology systems for continually monitoring the traffic flows, measuring the atmospheric data, controlling the quality of the surface runoff, and identifying knocks or special critical conditions on the road surface to guarantee users a suitable level of comfort and safety.

Great care was taken to insert the work into the environment; enviromnental mitigation measures, the dynamic-vegetation process of green areas and landscape signals were all studied.

Even construction site set up was developed with the aim of guaranteeing the maximum possible levels of safety, improving the vehicle traffic flow conditions and minimizing impacts on the territory, even with careful management of material movement.

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