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“a viability plan in cooperation with local authorities”



Padua (Italy)

Implementation period

Development of the Plan: 2001 – 2002
First Upgrade: 2005
Second Upgrade: 2012


Province of Padua

Services provided

Development and upgrading of road and traffic plan


After an engagement for the international competition organized by the Provincia di Padova, NET has developed the plan approved by the Provincial Council in July 2001.

In 2005 and then in 2012, the Province has entrusted NET updates of the study. The Provincial Plan for Roads (PPV) has allowed to test and debug programming of new interventions on the road network of the Province of Padua, together with important works included in the regional network.

The study started with an analysis of the current situation to detect and evaluate the critical factors of the functionality of the network, road safety, risk factors and environmental impact. The estimate of the evolution of mobility demand for a predetermined time period has made possible the evaluation of the aforementioned problems in the future situation of “non-intervention”. On these bases, possible intervention scenarios have been defined that involve the expansion of existing axes and the insertion of new axes of the project.

NET has contributed to the sharing and discussing of the Plan (Public Engagement) organizing meeting with all the local authorities involved and other stakeholders such as trade unions, professional associations, etc

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