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“a new bridge on the railway line, re-connecting two historical districts of Padua”



Padova (Italy)

Implementation period

2009 – 2011

Values of works

€ 15 M.


Municipality of Padua

Services provided

Final design, Project Management and Safety coordination during design stage


The project is strategic intervention that passes the railway physical break and connects quickly and functionally the most populous district of Padua
(Arcella) with the city centre throughout the Fair.

North-South bridge axis will also be a pedestrian liaison between Arcella (with its large student population) with the University area which lies in the city zone between the Fair and the Piovego river. Originally, this bridge’s name was “Green Bridge”, because in its pedestrian zone green flowerbeds are placed on both street sides; furthermore a footbridge completing the link will be designed outside of this project part.

The rail flyover is an arch bridge, simple supported over a span of 95.20 m (full length of 97.60 m) with thrust eliminated by two tie rod beams. The main structure is formed by two steel arches (highest arch point is 15m above the carriageway), connected by lacings along their development out of the pedestrian access zones.

Deck suspension onto the arches is realised by suspension wires having vertical axes lying into the arch plane; suspension wires and transverse beams scansion match (680cm). The deck (whose height varies between 207 cm and 195 cm from centre to lateral end) is made of a 250mm reinforced concrete slab shear connected with the I-shape welded steel beams.

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