“the new gate of Padua”



Padua (Italy)

Implementation period

2002 – 2013


€ 44.760.000


Municipality of Padua


Transport Studies, Environmental Pre-feasibility Study, Preliminary design, final design and working plan, Construction Supervision, Safety coordination during design and construction


The node at the Padua East motorway exit and the connecting infrastructure between Corso Argentina and National Road no. 307 is a crossing of primary importance in the urban and regional road network, where extremely large flows of vehicles coming from six different main roads concentrate and pervade themselves. The viability solution was studied using the so-called “system engineering” method, which integrates all the special points of the project, from city planning to transport assessments, from the environment to structural engineering, to geotechnics and construction site set up.

The most important structure is the junction between Corso Argentina and Regional road no. 308 (1.8 km, B-type, 3 lanes in each direction) that includes a viaduct passing above the area in front of the motorway tollbooth and the Padova Est urban road network. The viaduct is completely of steel, with 11 spans, and is 550 m long; it is characterized by three steel arches (span 150 m, height 25 meters from the road surface), that rise above the floor and which, in addition to illuminating the viaduct, also have the characteristic architectural shapes of Padua which, as a typical porticoed city, has one of its most recurrent elements in the arch.

To the north, the junction between Regional Road 307 and the area called “Arch of Janus” is to be strenghtened, with upgrading of the existing viaduct, and designing of the new ramps and subways which will connect Padua East to the new road network that will, in the future, lead to the city center.

The infrastructure, designed in joint venture with the world-famous Carlos Fernandez Casado spanish engineering studio, has been completed 2008.

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Ponte Darwin a Padova Est
Ponte Darwin a Padova Est