“a solution for preventing floods in Genoa”

Rehabilitation of the coverage of the terminal section of the Bisagno river


Genoa (Italy)

Implementation period

2001 – 2018

Value of works

 168 Mln €


Municipality of Genoa

Services provided

Preliminary and final design for integrated contract, Hydraulic Compatibility Study, Safety Coordination during design and construction


The final section of the Bisagno river in Genova, an area that has more than 100.000 inhabitants and where there are structures and infrastructures that have a strategic and logistic value for the entire urban layout, flows under circumstances of extreme hydraulic criticality because of the scarce flow rate capacity of its bed.

The intervention consisted in the functional rehabilitation of the covering of the river, improving the streamflow conditions, by enlarging the hydraulic section of the Bisagno river, demolishing the covering, the banks and existing partitions and their consequent reconstruction, for an extension of approximately 1km. The underground utilities and urban and road planning of the neighboring areas were also reorganized, with an enlargement towards the sea of the J.F. Kennedy square.

The works presented obvious elements of complexity having to harmonize the need to modify the hydraulic layout with the need to perform a structural action able to sustain accidental loads for bridges of the 1st Category. Another complex element was the strategic character of the area which required designing solutions able to ensure the unloading of important vehicle traffic floes, guaranteeing at the same time the safety of the buildings nearby.

The study meant to check the hydraulic compatibility of the action was particularly important. The analysis was performed through a two-dimensional numerical model with a finite element method which allowed an evaluation of different designing solutions, comparing their efficiency on the basis of the cost-and-benefit assessment.

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