“The first project financing initiative in Italy with an engineering company as sponsor”




Implementation period

2007 – 2013

Value of works

€ 590.000.000


Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure

Services provided

Project financing project, Preliminary design, Environmental Impact Study, Transport assessment, Economic and Financial Plan


The Proposal for Project Financing for the design, construction and operation of the road link along National Road SS 372 “Telesina”, between Caianello interchange on A1 highway and the interchange of Benevento on National Road SS 88, has been prepared following a public tender issued by ANAS. The infrastructure has been included in the CIPE (Inter-ministerial Committee for Economic planning) priority list for national co-funding.
The proposed project provides for the realization of a double lane, the up-grading and adoption of safety measures in compliance with applicable standards. The result is a highway with double lane per direction, with class B (22 metres wide) section and an approximate total length of 61 km. 17 junctions are foreseen. On the road section new works have been designed mainly relating to viaducts and bridges as well as the rehabilitation of existing viaducts on the carriageway of National Road S.S. 372 besides the construction of a new tunnel of approx. 500 meters.
The Territorial and Environmental frame work study comprises:
environmental Impact Assessment integration, considering i.a.: impact of air pollutant, water, soil and subsoil, flora and fauna, ecosystem, noise, public health and landscape.
in-depth analysis in all the environmental factors ensuring intervention compatibility with the historic, architectonic and archaeological constraints
analysis of the compatibility with the landscape
mitigation intervention planning and environmental compensation.
The project obtained the approval from the EIA commission of the Minister of the Environment.
The Proposal for Project Financing for the design, construction and operation has been prepared following a public tender issued by the Italian national road authority ANAS, based on the Italian regulation on public infrastructure project financing. In this procedure, Net has been awarded the first step of the project procedure.
The value of the consultancy services has been estimated to approximately 12.960.000,00 €, based on the Italian regulation on engineering and consultancy services.

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