“an iconic sign in the urban fabric, to fill the historical rift of the rail line”



Bari – Italy

Implementation period

Design: July 2008 – November 2008.

Construction supervision:  January 2010 – September 2016

Value of works

27 € Mln


Municipality of Bari

Services provided

Preliminary design, final design and working plan;
Safety coordination during design and construction;
Construction supervision


With its shape designed by Carlos Fernandez Casado, this work is destined to fill a deep rift in the continuity of the road network and urban fabric of Bari. This new road connection has been waiting for more than thirty years for its completion, in an area of potential urban expansion which has been critically intersected by the railway infrastructure.

The north-south axis of Bari will therefore be one of the functional connections for passing the railway junction, a theme that is currently the object of an urban planning contribution.

The new bridge is a delicate but at the same time strong sign inserted in the urban landscape, an ambitious project that can answer the city’s requests for reshaping and development: a cable-stayed bridge that is more than 630 meters long, with ten spans and a large central tower that is more than 70 meters high.

The location of the bridge and its size required a design that was particularly careful with the aesthetic aspect and, as requested by the administration, that could positively qualify and characterize the territory. The need to exceed a high number of tracks lightly and with minimum impact pushed towards the choice of an unconventional structure, like the construction phases, which includes presentation of the thrust floor, the shoulders towards the center, without involving the underlying railway circulation.

Particularly worth noting from a technical-organizational viewpoint is the project performance, carried out in only a few months, which led to definition of the work with all the phases, allowing the client to begin the tender in the short times dictated by the expiry of the community financing.

The bridge was inaugurated by the Prime Minister last September 10, 2016.

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