“a project that will enhance the performance of the East-West Azerbaijan corridor”

Shamakhi – Agsu section of Baku – Shamakhi road


Baku – Shamaki (Azerbaijan)

Implementation Period


Value of services

1,8 M €


Azeravtoyol OSJC

Services provided

Selection of Route Alternatives and Feasibility Study


In the framework of the “Third Azerbaijan Highway Project” NET Engineering has been awarded by Azeravtoyol, the Road Management Company of Azerbaijan, for the selection of alternative routes and then the development of a detailed Feasibility Study of the preferred alternative within the Shamakhi-Agsu road Section, 34 km long.

The Project is co-financed with a loan by the World Bank (IBRD) and International Development Association (IDA).

The scope of the assignment has been the removal of the bottlenecks along the M4 corridor (Magistral Road n.4) connecting Baku to western Azerbaijan and Georgia, in order to increase the capacity of the Country’s East-West transport corridor and encouraging the use of the M4 as an alternative to the M2 road.

The new road is intended to increase capacity, reduce journey times and be safer than the existing route. It should also be suitable for heavy vehicles and meet current design standards for Magistral roads. According to the Government of Azerbaijan, this action will strongly enhance the performance and the level of service of the corridor with a positive impact on a wide area of the country.

The project has identified the most suitable alternative corridor along the M4, a serpentine damaged by landslides, unsuitable for heavy vehicles and susceptible to closure when it snows
during the winter.
The corridor represents a considerable investment in a new link to the road network. Consequently, the impacts of such a change have been fully assessed, taking into account economic and social benefits and disadvantages, potential changes to traffic patterns within the East-West corridor, and environmental changes.

The project has been carried out according to NET system approach in order to allow Azeravtoyol to analyze the current and future mobility needs, to give a coherent answer to infrastructural improvements at different timeframe and to verify their environmental, economic, financial and social sustainability.

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