“a new landmark bridge, with great functional value”

Variant to the SR69 with new Leonardo bridge over the Arno river


Tuscany (Italy)

Implementation period

Design: 2001 – 2005

Construction Supervision: 2007 – 2016

Value of works

44 € Mln


Province of Arezzo

Services provided

Preliminary design, Final design and working plan, Environmental impact assessment, Safety coordination during construction, Construction Supervision


The relocation of the current Regional road 69 to a new place, for a total extension of approx.. 11 km, is a strategic intervention for adding value to the territory of Valdarno, because the traffic entering into and exiting from the tollbooth with the same name on the A1 motorway will become more fluid, which will improve accessibility to the tanneries in the industrial areas.

The New Bridge, which will cross the Arno river, is of particular iconic worth; it was designed in collaboration with Oficina de Proyectos Carlos Fernandez Casado, one of the most prestigious international names of the sector.

The new bridge will develop over 495 meters and will cross the Arno river and the A1 motorway with two main spans supported by two steel arches that lean gently towards each other, and three smaller side spans, one of which has been incrementally launched above the motorway route. The work also includes consolidating the Poggilupi landslide, that flanks the new motorway route.

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