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“a transport corridor between the Adriatic and Baltic Sea”



Veneto Region

Implementation period

2006 – 2008


Technical Management of the project on behalf of the Veneto Region (Project leader); Analysis and review of the entire technical documentation;
Technical organization and coordination of the meetings; Technical assistance and support to the project participants;
Verification of the activities and responsibility of the project participants for every single activity included in the project;
Planning and programming further developments of the project.


This strategic project leads to a pre-feasibility analysis for the development of intermodal connections that would join the countries in the territorial basin of the Baltic Sea with the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea, in order to create new opportunities of exchange with the global markets of Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The project is based on the creation of new multi-sector partnerships between various administrations, the institutions and the private sector so as to encourage the regional economic development and increase cohesion among the CADSES countries, by means of investments in sustainable transport (railroad and maritime) and in intermodal platforms.

A-B Landbridge identifies, characterizes and evaluates a set of itineraries aimed at creating three Baltic-Adriatic connection corridors, with reference to the transport conditions, to logistic services and the regional territorial development with respect to the current situation (2006) and the future estimated conditions (2010, 2020). There are six Nations involved in the project(Austria, Germany, Italy, Poland, The Czech Republic, Slovenia) in a partnership that involves twenty-three entities, regional administrations, ports, Transport Departments, international associations, institutes, specialists who operate in multi-sector areas, railroad operators. The project is one of the initiatives of the Interreg III B CADSES Neighbourhood EU – Program for trans-national cooperation.

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