Our approach

The complexity of the territorial and environmental dynamics  is increasingly an essential component in the realization of each project.
The major infrastructure projects require a careful examination of the potential impacts generated on various environmental elements, with a constant search for technical solutions and the latest technologies aimed to minimize them. And yet, there is a need to monitor the interactions with the physical, natural, organic components during the costruction and the operation phase.

In launching major real estate and infrastructure investments, the ability to analyze the starting conditions through a strict technical and environmental due diligence, can prevent the onset of problems and unexpected costs. Administrative procedures and authorization, finally, require technical expertise and project management skills, to ensure adherence to regulations in a timely project.

The scarcity of water resources, but also the destructive potential of recent weather events, require planning and design interventions for the proper management of water bodies.


Environmental impact studies for infrastructure projects

Effect Assessment

Strategic Environmental Assessments

Approval procedures

Acoustic and vibrational surveys and studies

Technical and environmental due diligence

Investigations of environmental characterization

Environmental remediation

Renaturalisation projects

Earth and rock excavation management plans

Environmental monitoring plans (pre-construction, on-going and post-construction)

Environmental mitigation works

Water supply

Systems of adduction and water distribution

Water purification

Sewer systems and wastewater treatment

Drainage and water treatment for road infrastructure

Hydraulic defense for the territory

Hydrological and hydrodynamic studies

Hydraulic compatibility studies

Water resources planning

Area Plans

Tariff development