“we offer our multidisciplinary skills”

Our expertise

The multidisciplinary approach of NET Engineering can meet all requirements with regard to the integrated planning of infrastructure and services.

We stand next to our clients since the early stages of the analysis of their problem up to the moment in which we find, together, the optimal solution.

Each mobility project pays great attention to environmental, social, economic and sustainable energy issues, because we believe that every state-of-the-art infrastructure must be conceived in a broader context than its physical location. As the collateral implications are often various and complex, we highly encourage the involvement of all stakeholders concerned in the decision-making process in order to facilitate the consensus for the proposed project.
Our goal is to offer integrated, innovative, sustainable and shared solutions!

Railways & Rolling Stock


Conceiving a successful railway project is in itself a complex process which addresses transport, infrastructure, technology, environmental and safety issues. It is also strictly related to its ability to interact with the territory, its potential to be understood and shared with its various stakeholders.
We are able to analyse and understand the transport demand as a fundamental requisite for the acquisition of new train paths, their integration into timetables and the proposal of a new transport service that must meet a market’s demands while ensuring profitability.

Rolling Stock

The importance of investments for the supply of rolling stock necessarily requires particular knowledge, strong expertise and wide experience in planning and management.
Starting from the definition of the optimal sizing of the fleet and the technical specifications and ToR for the procurement, going on the construction supervision, the technical assistance in the Testing, Commissioning & Homologation and subsequent monitoring of the fleets performance.
A mix of mechanical, technological, infrastructural, project management and complex regulatory framework skills is required. And this is our strength: provide a wide range of engineering and consultancy services, able to expertly meet the needs of those working in the sector, RS Manufactors, Public Administrators/Regulators, Railway Companyies.

Public Transport

Public Transport

Planning a public transport network means coming to terms with the urban texture, with the aim to ensure efficiency and prevent negative impacts on viability. It requires the ability to respond to the demands of mobility in urban areas and to reduce traffic congestion and pollution associated with it.
Moreover, it must pay attention to the infrastructure’s inclusion in the environment.
We believe that a ‘good’ public transport project must offer the ability to establish a profitable service model that can ensure the sustainability of the investment and guarantee an efficient service to the community.

Logistics & Freights

Logistics & Freight

Globalisation, sustainability, efficiency. A logistic chain is an extremely complex combination of waterways, roads, railways and airways.
Different types of cargo – bulk, general, containers, hazardous goods – impose their own conditions on the hubs and onward transport. Site logistics, system capacity and surface management are key aspects that characterise every master plan that we develop.

Roads & Motorways

Roads & Motorways

Designing an innovative road means responding to one or more needs for mobility and identifying the ideal solution that ensures safety. A good design should guarantee function, durability and aesthetical beauty and aim to reduce construction and maintenance costs. Designing a road network means inserting a new object into the territory, studying the interactions with the environment, the landscape, the urban settlements.
We use the latest technology to set up and maintain a constant dialogue between the infrastructure, its vehicles and users; a system in which the infrastructure is able to produce energy and value.

Environment & Water

Environment & Water

The territorial changes due to the growth of urban areas and the implementation of major infrastructure projects are topics that necessarily lead us to address issues such as the protection of environmental and water resources, as well as the need to protect humans and animals from negative environmental impacts.

In order to make territorial development sustainable, we offer an integrated portfolio of innovative solutions along these central issues of the future.



We design functional and efficient buildings, mainly related to the transport sector. We combine architectural quality, structural expertise, systems knowledge and technological innovation. We always aim to the best design solutions that meet the needs of the user, while ensuring cost reduction and better integration into the urban environment, the infrastructural network and the landscape.

Integrated services and system solutions for highly complex contexts