The first bimodal train in Italy is ready to start from Aosta

Behind the story of the new Valle d'Aosta trains, the first bimodal unit homologated in Italy, there is also the collaboration between NET and the Swiss manufacturer Stadler

Today, September 26th, the first test run for the new BTR813 bimodal train has been performed. It has beeen purchased by the Valle d’Aosta Region from the Swiss manufacturer Stadler Rail AG to perform the railway service between Aosta and Turin. This train will be operated through a double power system: diesel and electric.

The Aosta train is the first bimodal train homologated in Italy and will make it possible to go directly from Aosta to Turin traveling without any change both on the non-electrified line that links Aosta to Ivrea, and on the electrified one that links Ivrea to Turin.

NET Engineering played the role of Director for Contract Execution (in Italian “Direttore dell’Esecuzione del ContrattoDEC), through which the contracting authority has verified the regular progress of the execution of the contract by the Manufacturer. Today it is scheduled the final step which consists of the formal acceptance of the first train, following the positive outcomes of the testing, approval and commissioning procedures.

As DEC, on behalf of the Valle d’Aosta Region, NET performed the following activities:

  • the control of the manufacturer’s planning;
  • the project assessment;
  • the supervision of the production process;
  • assistance in work execution and testing;
  • the supervision of the training and the correct performance of the courses provided to the railway company personnel and to the Customer’s personnel in charge of the maintenance;
  • the check of the technical documentation for fleet maintenance;
  • the registration of all relevant documents of the Contract for the purpose of attesting the regular execution of the services;
  • the 360° supervision of the events of the critical path of the AMIS procurement process.

September 26th, 2019