A new tramline for Bozen

on behalf STA - Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige, the NET Group will be in charge of the technical and economic feasibility project for the new tramway line that will connect the Bozen Railway Station to the “Ponte Adige” area

STA – Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige (the mobility agency of the Autonomous Province of Bozen) has recently awarded the contract for the technical-economic feasibility project of the new Bozen tramway line to the design team led by NET Engineering.

The project aims at the connection of the railway station of the South Tyrolean capital with the S. Maurizio hospital and the settlements along Viale Druso, through a route that runs across the historic center up to the  “Ponte Adige” station. This terminal has been specially designed in order to guarantee a future connection to the railway network and a possible extension for the Oltradige area.

The design team, which boasts a sound experience in constrained guided transport systems, is constituted by NET Engineering S.p.A. (leading company), Spiekermann GmbH Consulting Engineers, a German subsidiary of the NET group, Pfeifer Planung, SDA progetti, Erregi srl, Studio Progetto Ambiente srl, Iniziativa Cube srl, arch. Carlo Bassetti

The project that will be carried out by the aforementioned team, proposes the creation of an integrated infrastructural corridor, with the following features:

  • an innovative catenary free transport system, in order to minimise the impact of the overhead power line in areas of high historical, architectural and landscape value;
  • a new spatial organism capable of enhancing the elements of identity and quality featured by the urban context of Bolzano (not just a simple tramline separate from the road);
  • a tramway alignment that allows the regeneration of the existing urban context in the suburban areas of the city, connecting them more effectively to the historic center and its services.

The insertion of the new tramway line in the center of Bozen represents a fundamental opportunity for the reorganisation of the road circulation layout, through an appropriate redesign of the traffic schemes also for private transport.

October  10th, 2019