New technical certifications for NET

thanks to the ``Envision verifiers`` and ``Visual Examination and Inspection of civil works and infrastructure`` certifications recently obtained by its technicians, NET Engineering confirms its constant commitment to innovation

As part of the continuous training program for its technicians, and with the aim of keeping on providing professional and innovative services at the highest level,  NET Engineering has taken part in the course for “Envision verifiers” held by the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructures (ISI) in collaboration with ICMQ.

The Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure (ISI) is the organisation that developed and manages Envision, a framework that encourages the planning and design of sustainable and resilient infrastructure through education, training, and third-party project verification. Enrico Casotto and Andrea Pilli have achieved the role of verifiers and may therefore be selected by ISI/ICMQ to develop an independent – as well as rigorous and transparent – assessment and review of the compliance of projects with the Envision Protocol, supporting the attribution of the level of sustainability achieved by the designed infrastructure in direct collaboration with ISI.

A further step forward was also made in the identification, understanding and cataloguing of infrastructure deterioration, which are fundamental to ensure its proper maintenance.

Thanks to the Non Destructive Testing (NDT), in fact, the structural elements and construction materials of civil works are subjected to specific tests, in compliance with the new technical standards for construction. Therefore, in order to conduct an inspection of infrastructure able to detect any elements of deterioration, it is necessary to develop specific skills, to gain considerable experience in this field and to obtain the appropriate qualifications. Due to the third-level certification obtained by Umberto Lugli, Luca Ongaro and Roberto Zanon for the course in “Visual Examination and Inspection of Civil Works and Infrastructure” organised by Bureau Veritas, today NET Engineering is qualified to support both public and private operators in assessing the conditions of their infrastructure network and planning the appropriate maintenance or restoration of the works.

July 02nd, 2020