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What is NETLab


NETLab is the NET Engineering research and development centre. NETLab is a discussion hub between the NET Engineering experts and the excellences of the technical and scientific worlds with the aim of finding innovative forward-thinking technical solutions.

In 2016, in “FLOWS. Modelling mobility”, NETLab chose to open up to a wider collaboration with members of not just the engineering sector and other scientific disciplines but, more generally, to culture, sociology and public administration to start a discussion and reflection generating innovation as a result of the creative conversations between the different branches of knowledge and sharing of best practices and successful experiences.

Today, NETHighlights has been set up by NETLab to look to the future with the ambition of contributing positively to the development of the company, orienting its research work to the topical subjects and market trends of today but particularly tomorrow.

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NET Engineering S.r.l.

Legal and operational headquarters:

Centro direzionale Le Torri - Via Squero, 12 - 35043 Monselice (PD) Italy

Registered office:

Via Squero, 12 - 35043 Monselice (PD) Italy

Operational headquarters:

Via Squero, 12 - 35043 Monselice (PD) Italy

Company data

NET Engineering S.r.l.

Amministratore Delegato
dott. avv. Silvia Furlan

Capitale Sociale
€ 2.000.000 I.V.

Codice Fiscale / Registro Imprese
80018830382 PD

Partita IVA

233625 Padova

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