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NET Engineering believes in the value of innovation, testing and knowledge sharing

NET Engineering has always kept on producing innovation, thanks to its research and development centre NETLab and in order to provide its professionals with the best tools and complete, cutting-edge, forward-looking engineering solutions.

Research and development activities are carried out in partnership with important national and international institutions:

  • University: NET is part of the Advisory Board of the Master’s Degree course in Mobility Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano; at the same time, it collaborates with the Engineering Faculties of several Italian universities.
  • Association for European Transport (AET): NET is the first engineering company in Italy to join the Board of Directors of the main European organisation of transport experts. As a member of the Board of Directors, NET benefits from a network of 200 professionals – from more than 35 countries – who are members of AET: it has access to the main researches results carried out at European level in the field of mobility; it participates in round tables with some of the most important players in this sector in Europe and it contributes to set the focus on the main topics of the annual European Transport Conference.
  • Start-ups and innovative companies: NET collaborates with start-ups aimed at designing the future of urban mobility by creating experimental public transport systems, flexible, scalable, shared mobility services and promoting sustainable mobility; it also cooperates with innovative companies and academies involved in testing new materials and construction technologies..

At the same time, NET Engineering internally promotes research and development activities within the Communities of Practice, where participants can share, exchange and enrich their knowledge and skills regarding issues of common interest, while supporting the professional growth of the whole Community.



Within NET Lab, an outstanding team of professionals, scientists and technical experts envisage the guiding principles for the future in order to plan, analyse and design highly-innovative solutions in the fields of infrastructure for mobility, intelligent transportation systems, public transport, logistics and freight, as well as construction technologies.

Among NET Lab’s studies and projects currently carried out there are:

Lean Design and Lean Infrastructures

Road safety

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and Smart Road®

Public Engagement

Optimisation of motorway and rail fares

Feasibility studies

a NET Lab project

Flows. Modelling mobility is the title of the thematic blog set up by NET Lab.

It is the first opportunity for reflection on flows in Italy, i.e. movement of goods, people, ideas, cultures and innovation, and the infrastructure for integrated mobility. Not just flows but also mobility and design will be discussed, giving a precise angle to contributions, involving authors from different backgrounds and different sectors, with the aim of offering readers the multiple points of view necessary to deal with the complexity that the world of infrastructure sets before the designers today.

Innovative experimentation, integrated design processes, cutting-edge instrumentation and procedures, the involvement of different disciplines and the consideration of the experience of users, the population and the area hosting infrastructure works are some of the topics that turn Flows. Modelling mobility into a virtual place with applied research at its core.

more info? visit “FLOWS, Modelling Mobility”, the NETLab thematic blog