NET joins the AET Council

the first engineering company in italy to join the Councile of the leading european organisation of transport experts

NET Engineering joins the Council of the Association for European Transport, the main European organisation of transport experts.

NET Engineering is the first engineering company in Italy to hold this position. It will join a network of 200 professionals and members of AET from over 35 countries, benefit from the main results of research carried out at European level in the field of mobility and transport, take part in discussions with some of the most important players in this sector in Europe and actively contribute to the definition of the topics of the annual European Transport Conference.

It will be an opportunity not only for networking, but especially for collecting and conveying contents, innovations and reflections, as well as for sharing and dialoguing among different experiences in terms of cultural, regulatory and methodological background, thus stimulating and enriching NET’s designers and mobility experts.

16th September 2021