The NET Group expands in Germany

with the acquisition of seecon ingenieure GmbH, the NET group strengthens its presence in Germany and consolidates its role as an increasingly authoritative player in the European market of pure engineering for mobility and infrastructure

With the acquisition of SEECON INGENIEURE GmbH, NET Engineering International SpA redefines its composition from an increasingly Eurocentric perspective and implements a strategically significant choice for the consolidation of its brand on the German market, that is renowned as unattainbable for foreign companies especially with a scientific-technological profile.

SEECON INGENIEURE GmbH is an engineering company active in the fields of new energy, urban and regional planning, hydraulics and environmental planning, consisting of 65 people, including 50 engineers, with headquarters in Leipzig and Offices in Berlin, Dresden and Halle. A dynamic reality, open to the challenges of the future and oriented towards a design approach strongly centered on sustainability issues.

SEECON thus becomes a “sister company” of SPIEKERMANN GmbH Consulting Engineers, already part of the NET Group since 2007. A remarkable “sisterhood”, considering that SPIEKERMANN has about 200 employees spread over nine cities in Germany and many  projects thematically close to those of SEECON, but with profoundly different traits, in particular for the relevant specific skills in the field of new energies and the environment. And this is precisely the strength of the coexistence of the two companies in the portfolio of the NET Group in Germany: a greater brand strength that brings a wider range of customers and services; new opportunities for complementary cooperation in common areas of work and without overlapping; a more solid national identity; a more widespread presence at the regional level; a strengthening of the existing business and the introduction of new design and implementation themes.

With the entry of SEECON INGENIEURE GmbH – declares the President of the NET group, ing. Giovanni Battista Furlan – we have strengthened our regional presence in Central Europe. The thirty years of experience of SEECON integrate those of our Group and make us write today the chapter of a new story. All the companies of the NET group will cooperate more and more in the near future: together, we want to successfully face the tasks of tomorrow, such as digital transformation and the increasingly complex design process. Italian spirit, European breath: confidently and enthusiastically, we are ready for the challenges that await us“.

The NET Engineering International SpA Group thus reaches a dimension of over 380 employees, with a consolidated revenue (2018 forecast) of over 40 million euros and 16 offices in Europe: the headquarters of NET Engineering SpA in Monselice (PD) with secondary offices in Milan and Rome for Italy and Southern Europe; the 12 German offices of SEECON INGENIEURE GmbH and SPIEKERMANN GmbH Consulting Engineers for Germany and Central Europe; the headquarters of NET Engineering EOOD in Sofia for Bulgaria and the Balkan area.

A pervasive geographical presence, in continuous growth and aimed at confirming the NET Engineering International group as the ideal partner for pure engineering in the mobility and infrastructure fields, thanks to its independent, interdisciplinary, innovative approach, incline to change, oriented towards efficiency, sensitive to the issues of sustainability and ethics.


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July 11th, 2018