A feasibility Study for the new “Ponte della Becca”

an important project to enhance the mobility system in the delicate context of the 'Oltrepò Pavese' territory

Located at the confluence of the Po and Ticino rivers, in the province of Pavia, the “Ponte della Becca” bridge was inaugurated in 1912. With its metal lattice structure, it still stands as one of the most representative examples of “industrial archeology” in operation.

Leading a group that also includes Carlos Fernandez Casado (a Spanish firm renowned for bridge design), NET Engineering was awarded the assignment for the feasibility project of a new bridge that will replace the existing one, no longer able to guarantee the transit to exceptional transports and with numerous problems of safety and traveling comfort.

The feasibility project launched by Infrastrutture Lombarde was financed by the Region with 800 thousand euros and is a fundamental step towards the construction of the new infrastructure for crossing the Po river: a project that is part of the redevelopment of the mobility system in a a very delicate context like the Oltrepò Pavese territory.

The study to be carried out by NET will start from the analysis of the transport system and the impacts generated on it by the implementation of different design solutions; these project alternatives will then be studied and compared in order to define a choice that guarantees the increase of accessibility of the area, minimising the impact on surrounding areas, and identifying the most appropriate ways of managing intersections with the existing road network in terms of vehicle outflow and road safety.

The multidisciplinary project team, which includes several qualified and certified Envision SP (Envision Sustainability Professional), will operate through a shared process, which will make it possible to concretely verify the economic, environmental and social sustainability of the new bridge being studied. The result of the work, weighed and analysed through the Multi Criteria Analysis tool, will be the basis for the proposals of alternatives to be taken to the next planning phase. The Public Authority will therefore have all elements in order to evaluate the best choice for which it remains responsible.

The final document of the feasibility project is essential for obtaining the related funding and also for the inclusion of the New “Ponte della Becca” Bridge in the list of priorities of  ANAS (national road authorithy). It will have to be delivered by next January, according to the schedule established by the Customer.