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ConNETtiamoci on the Road – Il volo dell’elicottero


Every year, the coming of summer means not only being able to enjoy a time off to recharge and start again even more energized, but also being able to meet and spend time together. But this is not the only goal of our “ConNETtiamoci on the road”. There is another important goal: to get to know, each time more and more, the values that lead us and that we all perform on a daily basis in our work and projects.

At our last event we went through the roots of these values, which came from episodes that belong to the personal and professional history of our founder and president, but not only, because the history of a company is always the history of its people.
A mosaic made up of six chapters, six episodes, six values that still inspire our choices and behavior today.

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NET Engineering S.r.l.

Legal and operational headquarters:

Centro direzionale Le Torri - Via Squero, 12 - 35043 Monselice (PD) Italy

Registered office:

Via Squero, 12 - 35043 Monselice (PD) Italy

Operational headquarters:

Via Squero, 12 - 35043 Monselice (PD) Italy

Company data

NET Engineering S.r.l.

Amministratore Delegato
dott. avv. Silvia Furlan

Capitale Sociale
€ 2.000.000 I.V.

Codice Fiscale / Registro Imprese
80018830382 PD

Partita IVA

233625 Padova

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