Road & tunnel safety: a common enhanced approach

Implementing coherent safety procedures on the whole road network, that will lead to faster, more sustainable and better planned interventions

On the occasion of the 95th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board (a body of the US “National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine”), the ECOROADS Project will be presented in New York.

ECOROADS (Effective and COordinated ROAD infrastructure Safety operations) is a Horizon2020 funded project that aims to overcome the barrier established by a formal interpretation of the two Directives 2008/96/EC (on road infrastructure safety management) and 2004/54/EC (on tunnels), that in practice do not foresee the same Road Safety Audits/Inspections (RSA/RSI) to be performed on open roads and in tunnels.

To overcome this barrier, the project will establish a common enhanced approach by applying the concepts (RSA/RSI) of the Directive 2008/96/CE to tunnels and in transition areas between tunnels and open roads, without jeopardising (but rather complementing) the usual tunnel safety management operations.

The overall approach of the ECOROADS Action is divided into several phases. They include:

  • Overview of the application of the two Directives, in the Member States and the extent of the differences between them.
  • Series of workshops with stakeholders (European tunnel and road managers).
  • Exchange of best practices and experiences between European tunnel experts and road safety professionals.
  • Joint safety operations on some European road sections with both open roads and tunnels, conducted by an international team composed of road and tunnel safety experts.
  • Recommendations and guidelines for the application of Road Safety Audits and Road Safety Inspections concepts within the tunnel safety operations.

The objective of the ECOROADS project is to bridge the present formal gap between the Directive 2008/96/EC and the Directive 2004/54/EC, and implement coherent safety procedures on the whole road network, thus leading to “faster, more sustainable and better planned interventions with maximum safety for the workers and other traffic participants”.

NET Engineering participates in this project together with AIPSS (Italian Association of road safety professionals) within a consortium made by several european partners, and led by FEHRL (the Forum of European national Highway Research Laboratories).

January 12th, 2016

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