Modernization of “Sofia-Pernik-Radomir” railway section

one of the major projects of modernization and development of the railway network in Bulgaria

On February 27, the National Company of the Bulgarian Railways – NRIC – signed the contract with the international consortium led by NET Engineering SpA for the start of the design process of modernization of the railway line Sofia – Pernik – Radomir.

It represents one of the major strategic projects undertaken within the EU transport policy for the harmonization of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) in Bulgaria which is formally joining EU 28 since January 1st 2007.

The major aim of the investment is to build a competitive railway infrastructure in Bulgaria to meet the EU challenges for the development of a comprehensive Trans-European Transport Network consisting of infrastructure for railway transport, inland waterways, road, sea and air transport by which to ensure the proper functioning of the internal market and strengthening economic and social cohesion.

an authoritative and independent service for the management of over € 400 Mln investment

The contract of the “Sofia – Pernik – Radomir”, worth about 3.4 million euros, is one of the major design assignments entrusted by NRIC last year, as a result of a public tender among about 20 groups guided by the most important European engineering firms.

Technically, the project is being developed in two different phases: the first one focuses on survey and research for the preparation of a Detailed Zoning Plan, while the second one on the preparation of project and its technical specifications.

The project has a duration of 12 calendar months and requires a very strong managerial oriented approach necessary not only for the successful comprehensive implementation of the project but, as well, for the complex Client’s support in order to allow the right decisions processes over an investment estimated in € 400 Mln.

This relevant success further strengthens the NET Group’s presence in Bulgaria. From 2006, year of establishment of NET Engineering Bulgaria, the NET Group has completed major projects in the field of transport infrastructure, including technical assistance for the modernization of the Ruse-Varna railway line (230 km) and for the construction of the intermodal hub of Plovdiv.

March 2nd, 2015