3,2,1… SCRUM!

NET is the first engineering company in Italy to adopt a SCRUM-agile approach for its organisation

NET Engineering is rethinking its work organisation in a SCRUM perspective to reduce organisational complexity, first of all to the benefit of its own people and projects, but also of customers and suppliers who will take advantage of the new agile organisation.

Thanks to SCRUM, we’ll be able to:

  • identify problems in advance, because the sooner you see them, the sooner you can solve them;
  • turn to a people-centered approach, assigning projects to teams, no longer people to projects;
  • ensure transparency and visibility so that everyone in NET can know what is going to happen, everyone can learn to manage what is happening without being overwhelmed;
  • promote a culture of feedback and improve interpersonal communication;
  • enhance the potential of the team, so that no one feels alone in their work, as innovation is born from the transversality of skills and smarter, sustainable and shared projects arise from collective ingenuity.


This is what we mean for excellence in engineering.

The first teams are ready to start!

February 10th, 2021